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My name is Carissa, but I also go by Rissa. Born March 12. 22 y/o. I am a dreamer. Lover of and by nature. Born blind in my left eye. Star-chaser. Space-gazer. Being of light that chases the shadows. I dance to the rhythm of thunder, cleansed by the rain. Mystical. Pisces. Songwriter. Spiritual. Believes in fairies. Your friend to the end of the beginning.
Oh, and I love Roger Hodgson (or should I say I am in love with him?) :)
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Hi everyone - just wanted to let all of you know I haven’t disappeared from the tumblr-sphere :o) Just have been crazy busy over the past several weeks - and going through phases of wanting to spontaneously fly to India, cocooning like the hermit I am, improving upon my guided meditations, discovering my family ancestry (my latest hurdle is finding more about my biological father’s ancestry), and having strong, overwhelming feelings of missing someone very dearly…  after I sort some things out, I will be back! ~ carissa

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For the first time in a long while I actually “had a dream” of Roger last night :D It’s always hard to vividly see him in my dream, but this time it was much more lucid than usual. We were sitting in the “house” chairs of an old but extravagant theatre (much like the ones he has shows at) and having a deep conversation about the universe, existence, everything. He told me I have a very old soul :D And I recommended one of my favorite books to him - “What Dreams May Come” by Richard Matheson. Then he had the most enigmatic, heartwarming smile as if he’d already read and loved it. A message “across the universe”? Maybe - if there were a way to connect mentally through dreams, last night would have been perfect!

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